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The long awaited new album of the legendary dark music quartet marks a departure from the 50's Noir influences of their more recent albums & reverts instead to a simple & pure distillation of a more traditional AND ALSO THE TREES sound closer in spirit to their classic Virus Meadow album.

...   It is clear from the way melodious opening track '21 York Street' segues into the lazy paranoia of 'He Walked Through The Dew' that what appears like a low-key, homespun approach has a whole other life of twisted things going on below the surface. Delicate, monotone synthesizers, Melotrons & even the cry of wine glasses merge to create a soundscape not industrial or pastoral but somewhere in-between, a place of long, hot, feverish nights.

If there is a theme to this album, it lies in it's other-worldliness, reflected in the hallucinatory cover art & none more apparent than on the narcoleptic 'The Reply', the breezy 'The Man Who Ran Away' & 'The Untangled Man', a haunting Babel in the finest epic AATT tradition.

And Also The Trees - Futher From The Truth Cover As a band, AND ALSO THE TREES have never sounded better than now. Quiet, dense & integrated, age has not withered them. Despite a quarter-century as perhaps the total embodiment of the term 'cult underground', they appear not perfect or unflawed but organic, restrained & seductive.

Lyrically, Simon Huw Jones' trademark rural romanticism is imbued with a newly acquired edginess and realism, emphasised by the recurring references to movement or to being watched, particularly on the elegant 'In My House' where a light, galloping groove is partnered by words of a much darker tone recalling emotions of nostalgia & shame.

Unlike its predecessors - the 'hard boiled' trilogy of 'Silver Soul', 1996's 'Angelfish' & 'The Klaxon' from '94 - FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH is perhaps their first album that draws on contemporary influence rather than those of the past. Yet at no point is one in any doubt that this is an AATT album & in truth, perhaps their finest release for some years.

"We've always worked purely on instinct. I guess that's why record companies always considered us 'difficult'. They would ask us to produce a hit single & we would reply with 'A Room Lives In Lucy'! The idea of 'selling out' to commercialism, it's not us...
Our agenda was never about being rock the beginning all we wanted to do was play, maybe make a 7" or record a Peel Session. In nearly 25 years I don't think we've ever sat down and said "OK the next album will sound like this...". What happens is what happens. I guess it's that 'punk' ideology that we've never really grown out of. " Steven @ AATT Untangled     

Tracklist: [49 minutes]

1. 21 York Street
2. He Walked Through The Dew
3. The Man Who Ran Away
4. In My House
5. Genevieve
6. Pale Sun
7. The Reply
8. In My House II
9. The Willow
10. Feeling Fine
11. The Untangled Man

Album release: 24th October 2003 (AATTCD04 / EFA)
Re-Release: 12. February 2005 (CD 56742 / NORMAL)
Produced by AATT and Matthew Devenish
Recorded November'02 - August'03

You can listen to a sample of every song on and also be able buy the album there.

Album also available for internet-order on:
Metropolis (USA), [High-price Import only] and [Import only].

Or directly form the band headquarter.

The new album was planned to be joined with a limited edition called 'The Rattle Bag'.
Six or seven new pieces, mostly instrumental, something of a complement to 'Further From The Truth', with ideas coming from the period when Further From The Truth was recorded, but did not complete the spirit of the album...
It should have been available exclusive on concerts and on the bands internet site but is canceled for the time being.
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And Also The Trees - Live in Geneva DVDAnd Also The Trees - Live in Geneva DVDAnd Also The Trees - Live in Geneva DVDAnd Also The Trees - Live in Geneva DVDAnd Also The Trees - Live in Geneva DVD

The long awaited first AATT live DVD (playable in all regions) had been released August 2005.
Next to the show in Geneva from the Further From The Truth tour it features three music video films: 21 York Street, The Untangled Man and Hard Stone Day.
The individually numbered digi-packaged DVD is a small mail-order only release. Most supposably when all copies are gone, they are gone...

You can order the DVD directly from the official site.

And Also The Trees - Live in Geneva DVDAnd Also The Trees - Live in Geneva DVDAnd Also The Trees - Live in Geneva DVDAnd Also The Trees - Live in Geneva DVDAnd Also The Trees - Live in Geneva DVD

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AATT album picture 2003 (by) JJ, enstranged (by) FML

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    29.01.2005 - Ettelbruck / Rock am Deich, NL
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    10.07.2005 - Vise / Pili-Pili Festival, BE
    18.11.2005 - Paris / Le Batofar, FR
    19.11.2005 - Bochum / Christuskirche, DE

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    Justin - Hannover Faust 2003 (by) Björn Klapprott, Köln Kantine 2003 (by) Ullrich Maurer Paul Chily Animal - Hannover Faust 2003 (by) Björn Klapprott Simon - Venice Jam Club 2003 (by) Carlo Cassaro, Köln Kantine 2003 (by) Ullrich Maurer Steven - Hannover Faust 2003 (by) Björn Klapprott, Köln Kantine 2003 (by) Ullrich Maurer Emer - Hannover Faust 2003 (by) Björn Klapprott, Köln Kantine 2003 (by) Ullrich Maurer

    Bruessels Strabourg Heathens Gate Festival 3

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    Here you find a summery of the conversation about the activities of the band and the making of the album between Steven Burrows and me early 2003.

    Steven asked me to feel free to pass this thoughts to the public...
    Click here to read.

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  • AATT Summer 2003

    Special Thanks & Credits

    Martin Conan, Patrick Dutrevis, George Georgiou
    Bjorn Klapprott, Ullrich Maurer, Lars Skaanning
    Erik Verhaar

    And Also The Trees Untangled