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    » Current 'Trees related projects: Drumkit (by) Paul Hill

    The band is working on an album project aimed for a 2007 release. Please find more information in the latest interview with Simon.

    The first ever AATT live DVD had been released August 2006 and can be ordered here directly form the band headquarter. The DVD features the Geneva concert of the FFTT tour 2003 and three short films.

    Last year AATT have been released a 'best-of' album called '1980-2005' as a mid-price introduction to their works.

    » Other Projects:

    November, Simon's collaboration with Bernard Trontin of The Young Gods is aimed for a release 24th November 2006 on the swiss label Shayo Records (Martyn Bates, Sally Doherty, a.o.)

    Steven Burrows started a collaboration project called Wanderingstars (while still member of AATT).

    Paul Hill is working on a comic book for release.

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  July 14, 2005

    » Vise

    AATT - A room lives in Lucy - Pili Pili Festival Vise (by) Mike Wissmann

    1. Brother Fear
    2. The Suffering Of The Stream
    3. The Man Who Ran Away
    4. A Room Lives In Lucy
    5. Genevieve
    6. Maps In Her Wrists And Arms
    7. Paradiso
    8. Feeling Fine
    9. Slow Pulse Boy
    10. In My House
    11. Dialogue
    12. Gone... Like The Swallows
    13. Prince Rupert 

    Luc Pilmeyer has again setup a nice photo gallery of that event.



    Sylvie said...

    Nice show, too short (about one hour) of course !

    The show was in a marquee, giving some intimacy. The public was not very large but the poeple were "motivated".

    The guys (and girl !) looked pretty happy to be there. After one or two songs, Simon became more and more 'inhabited' and introvert, what gave this unique tension to their songs (or maybe it was me! ;-þ ). Justin is still so great, I really like his so special sound, crystal-clear and "rich"...

    Simon dedicated a song to a small town near Visé (about 30 km): Verviers ! My home town, where I saw them for the first time in 1986. It was rather funny. But I don't have the mere idea of the reason why !

    Maybe someone knows ???

    Thanks agains for coming and giving us such a great time !

        22 September, 2005 18:11
    Jonny Oblique said...

    I was also in Verviers in 1986. I think this ws their first concert in Belgium.Maybe it's that they just had very good memories of this concert.

        28 September, 2005 15:12

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