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    » Current 'Trees related projects: Drumkit (by) Paul Hill

    The band is working on an album project aimed for a 2007 release. Please find more information in the latest interview with Simon.

    The first ever AATT live DVD had been released August 2006 and can be ordered here directly form the band headquarter. The DVD features the Geneva concert of the FFTT tour 2003 and three short films.

    Last year AATT have been released a 'best-of' album called '1980-2005' as a mid-price introduction to their works.

    » Other Projects:

    November, Simon's collaboration with Bernard Trontin of The Young Gods is aimed for a release 24th November 2006 on the swiss label Shayo Records (Martyn Bates, Sally Doherty, a.o.)

    Steven Burrows started a collaboration project called Wanderingstars (while still member of AATT).

    Paul Hill is working on a comic book for release.

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  May 17, 2005

    » Leipzig

    And Also The Trees - Simon, WGT Leipzig 2005 (by) Xardas (edited by) fml

    And Also The Trees have performed a short set in Leipzig at the WGT on the Parkbühne.

    If you find any web-sites with AATT live photos or reviews of that gig please post a link here in the comments or in the 'Fan Forum'.And Also The Trees - Justin, WGT Leipzig 2005 (by) www.kleinertod.de

    You may also like to send them if you have taken pictures or did a review yourself.



    myhna said...

    oh, ein schönes konzert...
    mit passendem englischen regen *g* und leider viel zu vielen regenschirmen... und viel viel viel zu kurz... *seufz* ... und inklusive meinem lieblingslied

        18 May, 2005 22:48
    * fml said...

    Here some additional pictures from Leipzig. Thanks for Boa & Geli for contributing.


    (Use the browser's back button to return here)

        22 May, 2005 14:18
    K said...

    Nice pictures. Thanks.
    Emer looks pretty with black hair

        24 May, 2005 10:08
    Anonymous said...

    Warte gespannt auf die Setlist...


        24 May, 2005 14:28
    * fml said...

    Pat, here is the playlist in case you didn't find Achim's post ;-)

    A Room Lives In Lucy
    Brother Fear
    Slow Pulse Boy
    In My House
    Maps In Her Wrists And Arms
    Virus Meadow

    You might like to view or discuss two great photos I found on 'fotocommunity':

    * Sandro Griesbach shot another emotional photo during an energetic moment of Simon.
    * Claudia Schöne did that excellent picture during a more introvert moment of one song.

    If you wonder how rainy it has been take a look at some of Achim Joehnk's pictures:

    << Open air 1 >>
    << Open air 2 >>

    In addition Claudia Schöne kindly did contribute these pictures:

    << Simon >>
    << Justin >>
    << Eza >>
    << Emer >>
    << Justin & Paul>>
    << AATT >>

    (Use the browser's back button to return here)

    Possibly also of interest is the excerpt with the impression the 'Leipziger Volkszeitung' had about And Also The Trees performing during the WGT:

    "... Der anhaltende Regen von Sonnabend trieb dann auf der Bühne im Clara-Park selbst den Lederjacken-Trägern die Sorgenfalten zwischen die gepiercten Augenbrauen und den Irokesenschnitt: "Eindeutig zu nass. Im Zelt krieg' ich die Klamotten nie trocken." Da half es wenig, dass vorn am Mikro Simon Huw Jones, Sänger von And Also The Trees, betonte, wie schön es sei, hier zu sein. "It's a real pleasure." Die Veteranen im Publikum kennen die Band seit Anfang der 80er, als sie mit The Cure tourte. Zu Songs wie "Slow Pulse Boy" gehen Blitze am Himmel okay. Trügerisch nur das Versprechen des Sängers (Prädikat: charismatisch) gegen Ende des zu kurzen Auftritts. "Tomorrow the sun will shine."
    Ganz unrecht hatte er nicht..."

    © Leipziger Volkszeitung vom Montag, 16. Mai 2005

        27 May, 2005 15:44
    * fml said...

    Please find here a 'case-study' of how much Simon is immersed with his whole body & soul during a performance.

    Simon 1
    Simon 2
    Simon 3
    Simon 4
    Simon 5
    Simon 6

    (Use the browser's back button to return here)

    Thanks to Sandro Griesbach for allowing some another excellent photos to be used on this site.

        02 June, 2005 22:52
    * fml said...

    You can find a short review of the WGT with some photos on Moving Handse-zine featuring AATT:

    "...This is also a band that has been around for a very long time and who are still going strong and better than ever. This is our first live experience of AATT and we are not disappointed... now we know for sure what we always thought; these are some great musicians. Everything is played live, from the easiest little keyboard line to the most complicated textures of intensive sound... If you ever get the chance to see this fabulous act live, don?t miss it!"

        07 June, 2005 21:56
    * fml said...

    A view more bits regarding Leipzig...

    You can find WGT festival impressions which reviews also the AATT show in the German AMBOSS-MAG (find the review here ) and the british EOL-Audio.

    And another bunch of nice photos contributed by Amador & Sandra from Barcelona:

    View from the audiance
    Jones Brothers 1
    Jones Brothers 2
    View at the audiance

        18 June, 2005 17:56

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