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    » Current 'Trees related projects:

    And Also The Trees - 2007

    The new album of And Also The Trees is called 'When The Rains Come' and was released June 8th, 2009.
    It is an acoustic album with material of the bands history and a new song.

    The last album is titled (Listen for) The Rag and Bone man. On every road since 12th. November 2007. (Listen for) the Rag and Bone Man on iTunes

    The first ever AATT live DVD had been released August 2006 and can be ordered here. The DVD features the Geneva concert of the FFTT tour 2003 and three short films.

    » Other Projects:

    November, Simon's collaboration with Bernard Trontin of The Young Gods had been released on the swiss label Shayo Records (Martyn Bates, Sally Doherty, Julia Kent a.o.)

    Steven Burrows currently is working on a solo project (called 'Black River') and will be featured as guest musician on the upcoming Dark Orange album as also Emer will be.

    » Beyond The Horizon
       ...A Homage to And Also The Trees


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  May 15, 2009

    » Rain in Spring

    AATT WTRC album coverThe new acoustic album 'When the rains come' can now be orderd from the official website and will be avialable in your trusted record shop on June 8th.

    Recorded in a single four day session in a barn in rural Herefordshire 'And also the trees' succeeded in capturing a feeling of spontaneous vitality, from the 'live' situation and a sense of space and detail from the ancient and sparse environment. The 14 songs selected from throughout their song writing history are performed and carefully arranged for vocal, acoustic guitar and double bass with the occasional accompaniment of dulcimer, accordion and melodica.

    AATT WTRC logoTo those familiar with the universe of 'And also the trees' these captivating recordings will provide an exciting redefinition of their rich melodies and unique musical landscapes and atmospheres. To the uninitiated or those who thought they knew who this band were it will be a surprise.
    Their fierce sense of independence and non conformist attitude have always made them hard to accurately categorize. 'When the rains come" is a fantastic opportunity to discover, or rediscover 'And also the trees'.

    The band will showcase the new album on Wednesday, June 10th in Paris
    (Forum Châtelet les Halles) at FNAC 17:00 (free entry)

    Album review on Popnews (in French)



    Anonymous crowley said...
    » Oh, what a mess! And some diamonds from the past like The Dust Sailor.

    I love this Record!
    14 May, 2009 22:30   
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    » tracklist?
    15 May, 2009 15:43   
    Anonymous Jacob of the woods said...
    15 May, 2009 16:45   
    Anonymous Mindfields said...
    » Very interesting record for long-time fans particularly, in my opinion. I was very curious to know how they would strip their song down to their simpliest signature in order to have them fit the "acoustic concept". I noticed that the numbers from "rag & bone man" sounded somewhat closer to the original than the others. Would some of you agree with that? But I'm not really happy with "the street organ" acoustic version... I'd rather have Shantell instead. Anyway, this album is a surprise to me and a very good one, I just can't stop playing it :-)
    19 May, 2009 14:12   
    Anonymous frank said...
    » I agree with said above. also that "mary" and "candace" acoustic would have fit the mood of "rag & bone man" first place. I disagree with "the street organ" but thinking of it as most intriguing interpretation with it's re-arrangement and use of the accordion. the minor tone and use of backing vocals in "lucy" is no less than striking & touching...

    very good one 'trees!
    19 May, 2009 19:24   
    Blogger Colin said...
    » Is the line-up the same as on the Rag & Bone album?
    22 May, 2009 00:49   
    Blogger * fml said...
    » Line-Up on this recording is:

    Simon Huw Jones - vocals
    Justin Jones - backing vocal, guitars and broken accordion
    Ian Jenkins - backing vocal and found cello
    Emer Brizzolara - melodica backing vocal and heavy dulcimer

    recorded by Matthew Devenish and Paul Jones
    mixed by Matthew Devenish
    22 May, 2009 13:50   
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    » Beautiful!
    "When the rains come is AATT naked and close to the bone...
    I was at first a bit disapointed when i realized that the great Paul Hill and his drums were missing, but now i can't imagine the acoustic versions differently.
    The record is great and the songs we know still sound superb without the "dark electric illuminations" that we like so much.
    AATT appears here like a rural haunted folk band-more british folk than americana folkblues music- but definitly NOT too british for me!
    The result is often fantastic : delicate, fragile but deep, haunted and unique.
    AATT's art is elegant and mysterious, ancient but timeless, very english but with secret influences that can for instance remind me of imaginary spanish or klezmer moods and tunes.
    Thanks AATT for their music. It's a pity that they remain so unrecognised..That's enough! tell your friends to listen to aatt so that they can tell their friends to do the same...
    A word about "when the rains come" -the song- : it is a new (?) and unreleased one. the lyrics are beautiful and i like the guitar line very much : it sounds almost improvised (in the good way). It's a very good surprise.
    I' m looking forward to see them in acoustic live, for me it'll be in Nancy/Malzéville.
    01 June, 2009 12:43   


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