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    And Also The Trees - 2007

    The new album is titled (Listen for) The Rag and Bone man. On every road since 12th. November 2007.

    The first ever AATT live DVD had been released August 2006 and can be ordered here. The DVD features the Geneva concert of the FFTT tour 2003 and three short films.

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    November, Simon's collaboration with Bernard Trontin of The Young Gods had been released on the swiss label Shayo Records (Martyn Bates, Sally Doherty, Julia Kent a.o.)

    Steven Burrows currently is working with Phillip Crowther on a collaboration project called 'The Bilderberg Group' and a solo release (while still member of AATT).

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  October 13, 2007


    Anonymous Achim said...

    Hi everybody. This is the setlist of the intense and energetic London show at Bush Hall!

    Gone... Like The Swallows
    Mary Of The Woods
    Under The Stars
    Brother Fear
    Feeling Fine
    Rive Droite
    The Legend Of Mucklow
    A Room Lives In Lucy
    In My House
    Slow Pulse Boy

    Prince Rupert
    Maps In Her Wrists And Arms
    Wallpaper Dying

    There Was A Man Of Double Deed
    Virus Meadow

        16 October, 2007 09:25
    Anonymous Tonton Blino said...

    Thanks Achim for the setlist. I liked the show a lot, and it was very friendly (few exchanges with a guy he knew in the audience). Yet Simon's voice was not as deep as usual (typically "Maps in...", "Virus Meadow").
    Well that still was a very good show !

    But please could these people stop talking or taking pictures with the fake "schklak" sound (numeric camera) during the songs ?!!!

    Also it's my problem, I fully messed up the recording (many cuts due to battery problems on my recorder). Still, the sound on the 10 songs I recorded OK is quite excellent, and I'm happy with that !

    That was very good to see them again. Looking forward to see them at least in Paris... !

        16 October, 2007 10:19
    Blogger kubin said...

    Anything about the new album and the date when it will be available via the website?

        16 October, 2007 17:51
    Anonymous Frederic T. said...

    I was there and it was terrific ! Great show, very intense, in a wonderful place. I'll be in France and Belgium to see them again.
    God bless the trees !
    I'll sent some pictures in the next few days.

        16 October, 2007 21:05
    Anonymous Nick Dyer said...

    The cd was available at the London show - so I guess it is on sale now via the website

        16 October, 2007 21:08
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It was great to see AATT play in the UK! As a British fan, I had to travel to Bochum to see them a couple of years ago. This time I only had to come from Scotland :)

    The live performance was very powerful, giving an extra dimension to the music. Great venue as well. The new songs came over well, even though the only song from the new CD I had heard was "Domed".

    I bought the new CD at the desk before the concert - excellent.

    Hopefully the gig was successful enough to convince the band to play in the UK more often!

        17 October, 2007 15:50
    Blogger martin still in the bus stop said...

    Strangely wonderful night full of familiarity full of theatre full of intensity witnessed by an audience fully aware of the uniqueness of a band who regularly get compared to many but in reality stand alone as the influence. The set was exciting from the start and kept its momentum (even with the light failure )all the way through.The band delivered with a calm assurance and grace to an audience they had nothing to prove to and this left all feeling part of a very special, allbeit far to infrequent night. Highlights for myself were the victorian pendulem beat of Gone like the swallows the haunting melody of Paradiso the dark image provoking Slow pulse boy and of course the throbbing, rocking (yes i do mean rocking)Wallpaper Dying.As for the new stuff,well it came across well and unmistakeable as AATT but that isnt what i was there for even though i am sure that i will be wishing to hear tracks off the new cd,Listen for the Rag and Bone Man, live as soon as possible. Fabulous hospitality and patience from the band and their families afterwards at the balcony bar.All this in a venue that could of fulfilled its destiny on this particular night.One thing,if i may, So This Is Silence, well one can dream cant one.

        17 October, 2007 18:38
    Anonymous Michael said...

    AATT at its best. Wonderful evening, and the Bush Hall was a much better place than Cafe Atlantik.
    The new album is great - nonstop listening...
    Numerous German fans in the audience - looking forward to see you all again in Paris.

        21 October, 2007 08:08


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