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    And Also The Trees - 2007

    The new album is titled (Listen for) The Rag and Bone man. On every road since 12th. November 2007.

    The first ever AATT live DVD had been released August 2006 and can be ordered here. The DVD features the Geneva concert of the FFTT tour 2003 and three short films.

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    November, Simon's collaboration with Bernard Trontin of The Young Gods had been released on the swiss label Shayo Records (Martyn Bates, Sally Doherty, Julia Kent a.o.)

    Steven Burrows currently is working with Phillip Crowther on a collaboration project called 'The Bilderberg Group' and a solo release (while still member of AATT).

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  October 06, 2007


    Anonymous Mike said...

    We're looking forward to see you back here! Like all the others, I'm very curious what the new songs will sound like... which surprises will see the light of day this time...?

        05 October, 2007 18:50
    Anonymous Christian S. said...

    Band played at 00:20h (!) for about one and a half hour. Could have last longer...

    But they seemed to like playing live this night.

    Sound unfortunately was very bad until Dialogue - drums and bass overlaid the Jones brothers. Nevertheless we could get auspicious ideas of some very interesting new songs.

    _ _

    Gone... Like The Swallows
    Mary Of The Woods
    Under the Stars
    A Room Lives In Lucy
    Feeling Fine
    Rive Droite (exclellent piece of Jazz)
    Slow Pulse Boy
    In My House
    The legend of Mucklow (with Simon roaring as in the early years)
    Prince Rupert
    There Was A Man Of Double Deed (Thank you for playing that song again!!!)
    Virus Meadow
    Wallpaper Dying

        07 October, 2007 17:25
    Anonymous twamodd said...

    Thanks for this review and for the set-list.
    And they played "There was a man of double deed". It's a great song and I hope hearing it in Paris !!!

        07 October, 2007 19:04
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the set-list too...I'm not sure that they will play the same songs for the november part of their tour, so maybe "There Was A man Of double deed" will not be included. The problem with the set-list is that, firstly, you want to know about the songs that will be sung. Then comes the "spoiler effect" : the evening of the show, you yet know everything about the songs : "ah, and now here comes "Dialogue"... Damn shit ! Maybe it's the last time they play it, I must be concentrated...". I really do like "Double Deed" but I hope that there will be some surprises too : "The Renegade" for example, will be fine in paris, don't you think ?

        07 October, 2007 21:22
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    none say if the show was good or bad or otherwise.....I suspect otherwise because there are no opinions?

        08 October, 2007 20:42
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Has any Freiburg show participant (including Frank) ever finished your concert review?

        10 October, 2007 00:58
    Anonymous Brotherly said...

    Band played late and unfortunately not too long - but ! it was a great show! I think, i saw more than 10 shows the past 15 years, and it was one of the best!

    Thank you "Trees" for the brilliant songs from the forthcoming album, thank you trees for the treasures from the past. i hope to be one of the first to hold your album in my hands...

        10 October, 2007 17:08
    Anonymous f said...

    Has Steven left the band or just not playing this concert/tour?

        10 October, 2007 20:25
    Blogger Suarez70 said...

    Steven in under the sun in Jacksonville, Florida. He expects to play again with the band soon. Ian Jenkins is from Worcestershire, so the bass in in goods hands and I'me sure he won't misplay on "Virus Meadow" anaymore...

        10 October, 2007 21:42


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