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    » Current 'Trees related projects:

    And Also The Trees - 2007

    The new album of And Also The Trees is called 'When The Rains Come' and was released June 8th, 2009.
    It is an acoustic album with material of the bands history and a new song.

    The last album is titled (Listen for) The Rag and Bone man. On every road since 12th. November 2007. (Listen for) the Rag and Bone Man on iTunes

    The first ever AATT live DVD had been released August 2006 and can be ordered here. The DVD features the Geneva concert of the FFTT tour 2003 and three short films.

    » Other Projects:

    November, Simon's collaboration with Bernard Trontin of The Young Gods had been released on the swiss label Shayo Records (Martyn Bates, Sally Doherty, Julia Kent a.o.)

    Steven Burrows currently is working on a solo project (called 'Black River') and will be featured as guest musician on the upcoming Dark Orange album as also Emer will be.

    » Beyond The Horizon
       ...A Homage to And Also The Trees


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  April 15, 2010

    » Untangled Entangled

    I got news that the content management system that "AATT Untangled" is using will be shut in it's current form 1st. May 2010. This means the news site and comments won't be able to be updated beginning of May 2010 for some weeks. Rest assured all album info pages and Beyond the Horizon are uneffected ...

    AATT Untangled had more than 100.000 visitors since its start in 2003 and many of you - fans and artists alike - regulary visit and participate to this site. Thank you for your continued support!
    I will try to find a reasonable solution to upkeep the site but consider any possibilities with people get well informed these days with interactive network places like myspace and facebook...

    'bless Frank

  April 12, 2010

    » Abbey Piazza Castello

    AATT will do a very special live, acoustic gig in Abbazia Abbey Piazza Castello, Sesto al Reghena - a beautiful Abbey dating from the 8th Century. The town is located about an hours drive north east of Venice, Italy.

    Sat. 7. August 2010, 19:30 - 23:10
    Worth to mention: Tindersticks will perform the day after (8th. August)

  April 02, 2010

    » Couds, Paperships and Fallen Angels

    Dark Orange - Couds, Paperships and Fallen Angels Album CoverDark Orange's new album "Couds, Paperships and Fallen Angels" features guest musicians such as Steven Burrows and Emer Brizzolara from the English "And Also The Trees" and Jan Ross and Brida Garland of Mexico City's "Morfeo Speaks". The last sound comes from Robin Guthrie, well known from the legendary "Cocteau Twins" or his solo-projects...

    Dark Orange's new album will feature the AATT cover song "The House of the Heart" originally released for Beyond The Horizon.

    Dark Orange is now a German-French band consisting of the two founding members, Katrin-Elna and Dirk Odu and the French Soundspecialist Olivier Goyet. Density and atmospheric songs full of guitars with Katrin Elnas heavenly voices, reminiscent of the old 4AD-sounds, but also spherical ambient and trip-hop-containing factors. Dark Orange also relate well to their own past as one of the first "Heavenly Voices" bands of the legendary Hyperium label. "Couds, Paperships and Fallen Angels" will be released 14th. of May 2010 on Kalinkaland records.

    You can get your hands on the new album here.


  March 25, 2010

  March 20, 2010

    » Aligre FM - Le Café de la Danse

    French college radio, Aligre FM, exclusively broadcast a large extract from the concert And Also The Trees played at Le Café de la Danse in Paris last october. To listen or download the broadcast, head to the Planet-Claire website.
    AATT is featured beginning with minute 38. The broadcast in only available until April, so you better hurry...


  March 06, 2010

  February 20, 2010

    » Never stop, never stay...

    Le Chaos Entre 2 ChaisesThe French musical project Le Chaos Entre 2 Chaises recorded an avant-garde reinterpretation of the AATT classic' Jacob Fleet for your listening pleasure.Beyond The Horizon - An AATT Homage This inventive version feature the Parisian artist Aube L on vocals.

    Head here to download the song and find all details to this new cover version or listen to it at myspace.

    Please leave feedback to the artists at these sites. Enjoy!


  February 07, 2010

    » Greece 2010

    05-07.Feb.2010, Larissa & Athens, Acoustic Set


    AATT "On Stage" 05|02|2010 in Larissa by George Georgiou

    Exactly one year after their first gig in Larissa, persistent travellers of mysterious tunes, legendary "And Also The trees" from Worcestershire return as a quartet to prove on "Stage" that their acoustic experimental roaming was driven by serious artistic reasons. Standing severe under distinctive low light, they draw an imaginary curtain uncovering the point of departure in their career as haunted "Shantell" opens a sly purple hole in the belly of the night. "Candace" holds its ground for all those familiar with "When the rains come" until the surprising refreshing person of "The suffering of the stream" races that same old odd narration with the chilling company of dark backing vocals. The warning for "...The accordion girl" souds like a tail of revenge for the former shortcut beside the stream, to find a suitable follower to the old macabre classic "There was a man of double deed". "Fighting in a lighthouse" for those being close to their americana trilogy, sounds now like a musical spy, determined to get familiar with the rest of their moods, echoing with a mysterious allusion. Impressions turn tender with the smooth glove of "Dialogue" like a thin carpet of innocent dust on a faded sentiment. Justin grabs the accordion for another crushing journey in time to recall the echo of "The street organ" and "Mary of the woods" finds a temporary exit of strong memories long forgotten. The restless steps of "Jacob Fleet" drove us once more to our hypothetical inner rage to race something we miss and don't know what, and nice vocal harmonies reinvented "The cyclone", an isolated almost neoclassical diamond in the road trip of "Silver soul". Then the night had to suffer to take in a small piece the whole heart of Europe as eternal "Belief in the rose" revealed its wisdom amed with a bittersweet reflection strong enough to make everybody believe this was the serious end of something beyond description. Only the mystical heresy of "Mermen of the lea" could make a strong link of the chain and drive back to another room of "...Lucy" getting now suspicious and turning tension to expectation. The familiar theme of "The untangled man" started spinning in a circle to the end of the basic part of the show. The weird steps of "Vincent Craine" and the hesitant mood of "Feeling fine" lead to the all time classic "Virus meadow" blessedly cursed to sound eerie and endless even in its new acoustic costume. The four shadows stepped down the stage, marched between the audience and left their absolute reasons sink in the tired and dizzy entrails of a long February night...

    Radio interview @ ROCKZONE about AATT & Greece, WTRC and the writing about Slow Pulse Boy.

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  January 30, 2010

  January 12, 2010

    » Happy Birthday...

    AATT First ever concert hall... today 30 years ago And Also The Trees did their first ever performance at the Grieg Memorial Hall of Alcester.

    You can find a new interview by Max Lachaud with Simon while on tour in France here.

    French radio "Radio En Construction" made an exclusive And Also The Trees special (interview + live).


  December 23, 2009

  December 10, 2009

    » 7 Ciel EP

    7ciel flyerThe debut release from Les Disques du 7ème Ciel is a 10" vinyl EP by And Also The Trees. It is packaged in a deluxe 100% recycled cardstock gatefold sleeve and comes with a four page booklet, a full CD version of the EP, two postcards, a sticker and a badge. It is a limited edition with only 500 numbered copies produced. It also contains Simon Huw Jones' handwritten lyrics for all of the songs.

    This new acoustic EP contains four songs recorded during the When The Rains Come acoustic sessions and two exclusive tracks, Shantell and Feeling Fine.


    A1. Stay Away From The Accordion Girl
    A2. Shantell
    B1. The Street Organ
    B2. Feeling Fine

    The record is only available for purchase from the 7Ciel website. It will not be available in the shops.


  December 07, 2009

    » Dans la lumière du Quai'Son

    Frederic Tuong released a new live album called Dans la lumière du Quai'Son which was recorded on March 7, 2009 in Nancy with Christopher Maltin on bass, Genevieve Monségur violin and Christopher Baker on drums.
    You can watch the trailor and order the album at this site.
    You also can listen to more songs on Frederic Tuongs Myspace Site.

    Frederic Truong did participate l'unica Strada to Beyon The Horizon and also work together with photo artist Jerome Sevrette who also did the photoart for (Listen For) The Rag And Bone Man.

    Frederic Truong live in Concert:

    30. Jan. 2010, 16:00 @ Forum de la Fnac Nancy (Nancy, Lorraine)
    07. Mai. 2010, 20:00 @ MJC Pichon + Spend (Nancy)


  November 24, 2009

    » Backstreet Songs ...

    ... in Paris. Four unique videoclips filmed and published by La Cargo Webzine.
    There is also a Making Of gallery you might enjoy (thank you Cathimini).


  November 12, 2009

  October 28, 2009

  October 10, 2009

  October 05, 2009

    » Dark Orange feat. Steven Burrows

    Steven Burrows will join Dark Orange on bassguitar for some of the new songs of the band's upcoming album.

    Steven Burrows (by) Paul HillSteven Burrows has been a friend of Dark Orange since the concerts with the Trees back in 1992 and will give an additional colour to the new songs which will be done together. Dark Orange contributed an wonderful interpretation of "The House Of The Heart" to the AATT tribute Beyond The Horizon former this year. The new Dark Orange album - the first after more than 15 years of absence - is scheduled for a 2010 spring release on Kalinkaland records, home of artists like Arcana and Chandeen.

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  August 01, 2009

    » Autumn Tour 2009 - Dates Announced

    And Also The Trees will play an extensive Autumn tour of their acoustic shows. It will span more than fifteen live dates in France, Swiss, Germany, Belgium and Italy with one or another date to be added potentially.
    Update: And Also The Trees return to play in Greece in 2010.

    See all live dates here...

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